10 Ways to Make Money Online: 10 Winning Ideas (2020)

10 Ways to Make Money Online: 10 Winning Ideas (2020)

 Making money has always been associated with traditional ways found in the real world. However, this is no longer the case!

I will tell you the ways to make money without risk, gambling and most importantly, legally online.So what is the most EFFECTIVE way to make money online?

The best way is the one that works for you. The first thing to do is to decide on a specific method and stay with it until it is successful.Most people fail because they are constantly looking for the magic method. Understand this; There is no such thing as easy money in the digital environment. The merchants of hope who defend otherwise are busy eating the money they stole from you.

The tried and tested strategy that always works is to start a blog. This is definitely not easy, but it is a sustainable and profitable business once you know the basics.Also, it is as important as my advice which one you are more prone to.

What is your Internet knowledge level? Is there a special area where you are skilled? Which method interests you? How much do you want to earn? Decide by considering all these.

Remember, all the ways to make money online that really work take time, effort and a small amount of capital.

10 Ways to Make Money Online 2020:

Employees, retirees, housewives, students and others can apply the ways of making money online that I have written here. Actually you are lucky!

There are plenty of options, and there are always earning ideas to suit you. Making money online shouldn't be too difficult, especially for aspiring students. After all, students are the best on the internet.Obviously, no matter who you are, what you do, or where you live, every willing individual can make money online if they put in sufficient effort.

Now, let me try to explain in terms of how to make money from the internet in 2020, what methods the winners use, how much they earn.

1. Make Money by Completing Surveys

Survey companies try to understand your product preferences and purchasing behavior. They ask you to participate in online surveys to collect this type of data. Of course they are ready to pay for it.

Businesses can make strategic choices and predictions in terms of product development or advertising based on survey results. At the same time, taking surveys is an easy way to make money online.Survey sites aren't crazy enough to drown you in cash, but they offer rewards to persuade you to take surveys. The main thing here is to register with many companies.

If each company pays you 75 TL per month and you are in constant communication with 5-6 of them, 500 TL per month is not bad at all. I have gathered the sites that pay strictly for those who want to fill out surveys from the Internet.


1. Toluna TR -

2. Life Points TR -

3.Panel Station TR -

4. Idea Market TR -

5. Pago TR -

6. MarketAgent TR -

For those who want to make money by filling out a survey, I have explained every detail HERE.

2. Make Money From Youtube

Doesn't it sound nice to make money online by making fun, educational or engaging videos? Create your YouTube channel, upload videos and start making money online.

The point you need to be fully locked should be to attract the audience. If you think you have the features to do this and feel comfortable in front of the camera, making money on Youtube can be a good choice.

What matters here is how many viewers you have gathered. Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of doing this.

First try to create in your mind the project that will bring the audience to you. Which subject should I shoot a video? Would it be interesting? You need to find answers to these.Then try to see how it reacts by making a few test videos. If the results meet the expectations, don't stop.If the results are negative then either you have chosen a topic that people are not interested in or you are not sympathetic enough. It's your job to find out where the mistake is.

If everything goes well, you can make the final hit by applying for Adsense. When your channel becomes popular, the number of subscribers will increase much faster and the earnings will increase at the same rate.

Matters you need to pay attention to; The videos must be 100% authentic, respectful of copyright / society, and most importantly, be attractive, educational or satisfying to watch.Keep in mind that you have a big trump card as these types of internet monetization ideas allow you to predict people's trends from historical data.

3.Making Money by Writing an Article

Producing content that attracts readers underpins any digital project. That's why more than three million articles are posted on blogs every day. This need for content has resulted in a different profile that is in high demand in the online world; article author.

How much will I earn?

It depends on experience, article length and industry, but overall rates tend to move between $ 3 and $ 15 per 100 words. In this case, by writing an article of 2,000 words, more than 50 TL can be earned.

I have been working with professional editors on my affiliate projects for many years, and they often dedicate themselves to this job full-time, earning over 3,000 TL per month. But some can earn much more!

Editors who specialize in creating sales pages often get paid best as they are responsible for creating the messages needed to entice people to buy. Thousands of TL are paid for such a page.

If you're interested in making money online by writing articles, I recommend signing up for special platforms to reach customers who request content.

Only sites such as ON, Bionluk, UzmanKirala are the main places where those who want to write articles can find customers the easiest, but they get some commission on the earnings you make.If you want every penny you deserve to stay in your pocket, you have to eliminate intermediaries. Forums are great environments for broker-free trading. Major forums with lots of customers, r10, wmaraci, iyinet etc.If you want to write in English or any other language then Fiverr and Upwork should be your first choice.If you prefer to write to make money online, you should try to take this job to a professional level instead of doing it casually. So you can quickly become a familiar, competent, or even expert article writer and earn more with much less effort.

Also, if you are capable of doing this job professionally, never be cheap. Because in this field, especially writers who provide quality service are kept.

4. Make Money From Instagram

Offering various earning opportunities due to its nature, Instagram has been a source of income for many people. There are companies that market their own products, as well as those who work personally to make money from the internet and earn thousands of TL in a single share.

You have to convince people to follow you by finding a way to benefit from Instagram. If you are not famous or have a talent that attracts people, this is not easy.

Since the trick is exactly about being popular, you better start thinking "how do I influence people?" Those who find a solution to this have already started to make money from Instagram.

If you have to choose among social sites to make money on the internet, Instagram should be your first choice. Because while others are now at the point of satisfaction in terms of popularity, Instagram is putting it on top every day.

How much is earned? It would be wrong to give an exact number as this depends on how big the audience you are chasing and the strategy you are implementing. But those with plenty of zero followers earn more than 100,000 monthly.

5.Making Money by Blogging

Blogging begins with a hobby, interest, or passion and soon becomes a career option for many. This method, which is fully fused with the act of making money from the internet, maintains its popularity every period.

Using your writing skills, it is possible to make money online in two ways.

Write for someone and get paid right away.

Write for yourself and earn money slowly but consistently.

This is the difference between self-employment and getting a job. Your blog may be your main business; It will take some time to build your audience, but cash flow will continue even while you sleep.

Blogging is not a quick and easy way to make money online! But if you're interested in a long-term opportunity to start your own business and work from home on your own schedule, blogging might be a good choice for you.If you want to make money from the internet with a blog-based project, first put the money aside. He's after you when you start a good blog.

Of course, it is important to choose a sector with a bright future from the very beginning and to make the plan accordingly, but the dream of more money from the first day is wrong.

Those who choose to blog to make money on the internet mostly generate income with options such as affiliate marketing and Adsense (explained below). There are different sources of income, but these are the most robust.

How to make money blogging?

First, you need to find a topic that is likely to earn you money for a long time.In the second step, you need to open a blog by purchasing a domain and host.The third stage is to produce content.Finally, there are various studies (SEO) made to benefit Google.

If you are confident enough to do all of this, you now have a project to make money online.

6. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can be defined as the profit obtained by advertising any product sold on the internet, provided that it is instrumental in its sale. You are doing this ad with a special link given to you. For advertising, blog, social media and Adwords can be preferred. I chose to make a statement on the blog.

This is my first method of making money online, and I think it is the best way to earn money online for anyone who wants to earn passive income.

Easy to implement, almost no investment and very high revenue potential. In addition, once installed you can practically forget about it; only a minimum of maintenance will be required.

Affiliate marketing consists of starting a blog where you will publish product recommendations or analysis. In these analyzes, we provide links to the actual websites where the products are sold. Each sale made through these links brings you some commission.Logically, in order to make money online, you first need to make an agreement with the seller. Fortunately, there are dozens of affiliate networks today that you can easily sign up for to be part of this deal.

Let's say you are good at photography. For readers who want to buy, you can open a blog that offers different camera or lens analysis with a link to the product page on the N11.

Your blog page appears on search engines like Google when people search for analysis or comparison of these cameras. They go into your article, click on the affiliate link, and N11 will give you a percentage if their purchase is finished.

The revenue potential of this system depends on the market you choose (the more the product category is sold and the more expensive the better) as well as the time you spend. To make money by affiliate marketing:

Create a blog site.

Write analyzes, comparisons and recommendations; you will invest most of your time here. You can pay someone to do this, but I suggest you write initially to gain knowledge and practice.

 Promote your website; Although your website will almost alone top in markets with less competition, sometimes you need to do SEO to make your website more visible.

Making money online with this system is relatively simple, but you will need to spend hours and hours of effort if you want to get big numbers.

The good news is that after the first effort, you can dedicate yourself to reaping the rewards. In addition, it is possible to implement the system by working from anywhere in the world.

In a nutshell, start a blog, publish articles, and have an automated internet monetization project that you don't have to deal with constantly when visitors come in.

I explained every detail you need to make money by affiliate marketing HERE.

7. Earning with Adsense

Another of the best ways to make money online is by posting ads on web pages. You open a web page on a topic, attract readers, and once they're there, you make money online when they take a specific action.

The biggest advantage of advertising is that the reader does not have to buy anything to make money online. The most common is making money when a reader clicks on an ad. In fact, this action is the way the most important advertising network in the world works; Google Adsense.

Adsense is very popular thanks to its ease of use and number of advertisers. You can easily register and once your application is approved, you can place an advertisement on your website by adding a small code.

With Adsense, you cannot choose what types of ads will appear; Google is responsible for doing it automatically according to the subject of your website and the profile of the reader. And this has two advantages:

It maximizes the money you can earn with advertising. The more relevant and specific an ad is, the more likely the reader is to click.You won't have to contact any advertisers directly. There are hundreds of thousands of companies that advertise on the Adsense network.

Unlike affiliate marketing, you need to create a web page that provides general information on a specific topic, rather than publishing ideal comparisons and analysis here.

For example, you can create a web page where you post information about recipes, magazines, or finance.

Earning potential basically depends on three things; the topic you choose, the number of visits and the percentage of visits that clicked on ads.The first point is, the issue is essential because you'll earn more or less money per click accordingly.

For example, Adsense can advertise perfume on a magazine-themed website. However, ads for banks or insurance appear on a financial website, which, of course, cost a fortune.

Which one do you earn more money when a reader clicks? Indeed, in the second. The advertiser is willing to pay more as the advertised product is more expensive.

8. Make Money From Facebook

As long as Facebook is being invaded by people, it will always offer opportunities to make money online. Facebook pages are ideal places to gather people together.

Pages with a satisfactory number of likes can be used for affiliate purposes, can be advertised or sold directly. This depends on your perspective on making money online.

A popular fan page always means cash. It is possible to earn money from the internet in any way while you have such a powerful advertising opportunity, even though it's free. The only goal you need to give all your energy here should be to catch popularity.

9.Selling Stock Photos

I want you to know that this work has nothing to do with art. Here, photographs to be used mostly for commercial purposes are preferred. If you capture photos that are suitable for commercial use, there are dozens of stock photography sites to sell them.

Among the most popular stock photo sites are Shutterstock, 123RF, and Istock. Actually there are dozens more, but they get more traffic. That's why it's easier to find customers.

Of course, although this photo selling event seems very easy, you have to go through very serious stages. In addition, you should be able to take quality and original photos that can be bought by people or companies.

For this, you can set up a small studio and take photos on various subjects or take daily photos. For example, you can take photos of Istanbul or the city you live in and upload them to these sites.

The logic on these sites is that they get a certain commission from the photos sold. And as you sell photos, you start to earn income through these sites.

First of all, you need to take quality photos. It is also very important that you take commercially available photos. For example, if you took a photo (portrait) of a person, you must get permission from the person whose face is visible. In addition, you must be able to submit this permission to the intermediary sites.

After you pass these and some similar criteria, you can regularly earn a serious income from such sites. But taking lots of photos is in return for your photos to be approved and sold.

10. Delivering Courses On Udemy

Udemy is a great platform that sells online courses on almost anything. Its purpose is to mediate those who want to train and buy.

You can upload your own training to this platform and sell it for a fee. So, is it possible to make money on Udemy? Yes, it is possible but a little difficult.

First of all, you must have sufficient knowledge in the subject you want to train. Besides, there are many details such as is there a need for such training, what is the demand, how good are the competing courses.If you have a positive picture after analyzing all these, do not waste time. Udemy is a platform with great traffic, so you can sell without advertising.Customer satisfaction matters here. Because customers can rate and comment on courses. If the competing courses scored much better than you, your job is tough.

As soon as course quests search on Udemy, all similar courses are listed. In this list, it is possible to see which courses received better evaluation points and the comments made by the trainees.

Those who want to make money on Udemy must therefore surpass their competitors in terms of quality. So how are the courses sold?

After signing up, it prompts you to upload the course, enter price and description. Financial transactions are handled entirely by Udemy.

Udemy, of course, gets a 30% share of every sale as a result of its brokerage. Details such as commission rates, terms of use are available on the official website.

These are Top 10 ways to make money online at Home.


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